Bathroom and Laundry

Seamless from Beginning to the End

From Frustration to Relaxation

With clever design and consideration for functionality, your bathroom and laundry can become your personal oasis.  Both areas can increase chaos in your life or simply wipe away the challenges of the day and have you soaking in spa-like serenity.

Your bathroom is the expansion of your personal oasis and flows through from your bedroom design. There are many ways to utilise this unique space while still maintaining an air of peace, tranquillity, and harmony.

Likewise, your laundry area can be a space of order, calm and cleanliness containing the same unique cabinetry style, tap ware and tiling.  Rather than being seen as the ‘dumping room’, your laundry area is given the same consideration for harmony and happiness.

To find out how we can turn your bathroom and laundry into a space of harmony and happiness, complete the form below and share you desires for the perfect shared environment today. 

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Thank you in advance for connecting with Woodstock Cabinet Makers today.  With more than 40 years in the cabinet making industry we have extensive experience to assist you with your dream shared space. 

"Thanks Woodstock, we absolutely love our new laundry or pantry area. You totally understood what we wanted - and your ideas really helped us to refine our own thinking. The cabinets are beautifully crafted - your pride in your work is evident in all the details and the quality of the finish.

Our new space functions very well and we are delighted with it. The end result is so much better than our original plans - you guys really are expert at what you do and were an absolute pleasure to deal with." Leigh

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